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Peadiatric (Children’s) Dentistry

Fostering Healthy Habits

Your child’s first visit to our office should be memorable, not frightening. Early practices of oral hygiene help children get in the habit of proper oral care, which in return, will make their future brighter and cleaner!

We believe children should visit the dentist office by their first birthday. Their new teeth need proper dental care right from the beginning. Generally, children’s teeth begin to erupt between six months to age three.



If your child feels discomfort and tenderness during teething, combat the aches with aches with a cool, damp cloth or teething ring.

Our goal at Gentle Dental is to establish a foundation of healthy oral habits so your child can have a lifetime of good oral health.


We provide preventative and restorative measures including teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, nutrition recommendations, correcting improper bites, oral exams, and cavity risk assessments.

The longer a dental visit is put off, the greater the risk of an undiagnosed or untreated oral complication becomes. Children are susceptible to cavities, gum disease, and other oral conditions, so it’s important to receive exams and treatments as early as possible. Dr. Shaffer’s preventative measures address these issues and offer solutions to keep your child’s mouth healthy and pain-free!

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