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Dentistry with a Gentle Touch

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Gentle Dental is re-examining what the dental experience can be by placing patients and their individualized care as a number one priority.

Formally known as "Dr. Shaffer Family Dentistry". Dr. Shaffer has renamed the practice creating a calm experience. The combination of new design and a warm friendly staff, Gentle Dental embodies a stress- free experience that allows Dr. Shaffer and his staff to focus on what matters most - you and your comfort.

Meet Dr. Geoff Shaffer

I'm Dr. Geoff Shaffer, or as most patients refer to me as - Geoff - it sounds the exact same as Jeff, not Gee-off! I've been a practicing dentist for over 8 years. My passion is helping people feel better about their teeth. Gentle, kind, compassionate, pain free dentistry is what we strive for. 

Dr. Geoff Shaffer

"I never enjoyed going to the Dentist until I met Dr. Shaffer. He cares about his patients and truly loves what he does. I highly recommend you visit him and the team."



Our Services


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We'll see your child for their first appointment, schedule biannual cleanings and have excellent experience with senior care.


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From crowns, to fillings to a shiney new set of Dentures we've got you covered.


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At Gentle Dental, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with your best smile. We offer a variety of cosmetic services that will restore your pearly whites and have you confidently smiling within just a few appointments!

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